This is pretty pathetic that I'm nearly twenty-four years old and still playing with a Tamagotchi practically. But after just converting to the Android from the Blackberry last week, I will honestly admit that I downloaded probably one of the funnest time wasters on Earth; Furdiburb. A Harajuku-chic alien pet for your phone, the Furdiburb has a home which you can decorate, puzzles that I needed to find cheats to unlock they were so good, and plants that grow nigiri sushi after watering them. Yes, while I probably shouldn't be channeling any energy on a video game with my schedule, Furdiburb is totally addictive and, apparently, a new update is coming out next week (which means- OMG- more planets!). If you want something to feed and bathe that doesn't cry, wake you up in the middle of the night, or demand any kind of romantic reciprocation, this virtual pet is the perfect time waster/procrastinator and was developed all the way from Japan (so you can feel super cultured while playing it). Angry Birds, who?


  1. What cheats and I'm ten

  2. There are no cheats on this page -__-